We have over 20 years of experience in designing, developing and delivering a wide range of software training programmes that include Cfacs, Agresso, SalesForce, ThankQ, SAP, Bespoke Databases, Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes and Project Management.  This expertise has enabled us to deliver significant training programmes to a number of government and commercial organisations during this time.

We approach the development of a new course, as well as the provision of training materials, by working directly with teams from the software provider as well as with the client, learning the specific build of their software for the individual client.  Also, by liaising closely with the client to understand how each of their different users will be accessing and using the software in their daily tasks.  Once the understanding of the software and its setup for the client has been ascertained, a course is built to fulfil the specific requirements for that client.  The course outline and content is continually checked and verified with the client, until the client confirms that all the necessary areas have been incorporated into the training session.  Once the course has been developed, then the training documentation is written, by walking through and documenting each and every process in any required actions of the users, with screen shots of initial screens, dialog boxes, and the types of results that are likely when an action has been completed.startup-593327_960_720

The courses are developed to be hands on, so that attendees can actually carry out tasks that they would be doing on a day to day basis in a controlled training environment.  This ensures staff have plenty of practice during their time in the training room and gives them the confidence to return to their desks and apply their knowledge immediately.

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