Due to our extensive experience with Microsoft from a training perspective, we have evolved our training knowledge into supporting clients directly with the production of their documents, from developing Pivot Tables in Excel giving the client a clearer understanding of their data, or building a database to ensure their data can be captured and interrogated clearly and easily, or to creating a complex legal Word document with an automatic re-numbering system for when additional points need to be added. We transform raw data into personalised documents.


We approach the development of documents in much the same way as developing a new course, by working directly with the client, learning the specific requirements behind their document.  Also, by liaising closely with the client to understand what the information is for, as well as how they will be accessing and using the data for their daily tasks.  Once the understanding of the requirement for the client has been ascertained, the document can be constructed.  The structure and content is continually checked and verified with the client, until the document is finalised and all the details have been incorporated.

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